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Project Title: Medical & educational assistance for children and adults with disabilities in Lusaka, Zambia

The mission of the Ubuntu organization is to empower persons with disabilities through education and skills by a well focused team and facilitation of poverty alleviation programs among persons with disabilities.

This grant provides assistance to persons with disabilities. In previous grants, the assistance provided for supplies for household living, food, education, medical costs, and transportation. This grant includes fourteen benficiaries and support is focused predominantly on children with special needs. Additionally, it provides for physically disabled adults with young families who have challenging circumstances and are in need of medical and social support. The type of support varies by the individual need. A list of the individuals to be supported by this grant is attached. Additionally this grant provides general operating support for UBUNTU staff to conduct weekly outreach among impoverished communities in Lusaka.

Ubuntu has received two grant awards from Ananda Foundation. Ananda Foundation first visited Zambia in October 2006. On our visit we noticed that there is a great need to help persons with disabilities. Services and opportunities are very limited and there is a high degree of social stigma. Social stigma, poverty, and other factors make persons with disabilities more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS but are less like to receive social services. The volunteers from Ubuntu have a sincere desire to help change both attitudes towards people with disabilities and also help connect persons with disability to social services that can help them.Though UBUNTU is a young organization, they show great potential and are perhaps one of the few NGOs working in this niche at the grassroots level. They visit the homes of these individuals and they have formed relationships with the families.

Ubuntu staff support Ubuntu carries out weekly home visits to individual clients homes, the staff also conduct link ups through networking with relevant service providers at different levels. This calls for the volunteer stipend support to all staff that handle cases in health, education, outreach and making sure right

The Polus Center for Social and Economic Development, a previous grantee of Ananda Foundation and a international advocate for persons with disabilites first helped UBUNTU to formalize its activities as “case management” and “grassroots advocacy” to insure that people with disabilities received the same services that other community members are entitled to and to advocate and create awareness in the community to become more inclusive.

Statement of Need

Individuals who are being sponsored by Ananda Foundation: (2009)—(written by Ubuntu Organization)

1. DALITSO: Dalitso is a 6 [six year old] boy staying with both parents but they cannot manage taking him to school, he is in the category of “economic orphans”.

2. BENSON: He is a 10 year old Amputee boy living in Lusaka peri –urban village with his grand mother and Grandmother; he has a natural ability to grasp things quickly and has since been recommended by the Examiners at the Clinic to go to any local school in Lusaka .he can freely mix with friends and close by relatives. He is equally an “economic orphan”.

3. NATASHA: She is a 12 year old physically challenged Girl living in the Lusaka Urban compound, she is staying with the mother and 4 other siblings .her father died when she was 4 years .she has exhibited high qualities of making a good student in a local school.

4. HENRY: He is a Deaf child aged 7 years whose entire life depends on his ability to take care of himself, he has passed the clinical tests and has qualified to go to a special school for the Deaf in southern province of Zambia .he lives with his uncle and he is another “economic orphan”.

5. RONICA: She is an 11 year old Girl with a physical disability on the hand and leg; she equally has qualified to go the local school in Lusaka. She lives with her father in Peri- urban Lusaka village.

6. EDITH: She is a Deaf 9 years old Girl living – Peri- urban Lusaka, she lives wither Grandmother and she is equally an “Economic Orphan”. She has qualified to go to a special school in Southern province of Zambia.

2nd year of support for the following individuals:

7. JOHN [11] years He has a problem of paralysis consequently affecting his speech, but shows high level of learning abilities though slow.

8. NICHOLAS [9] years He is physically challenged and has also speech problems but can definitely get to school.

9. AGGIE [9] Years Deaf and needs to in school, the school place for him has been negotiated in a special school in the southern province of Zambia.

10. PATRICK [10] years head growth problem, he survives on the tube that drain water from his head, he is good /sharp and has also speech problem.

11. CHRISTINE [13] has a stroke but already in school, she is also HIV positive and currently on ARV treatment, she equally has speech problem. Christine exhibits high level of intellect; she is currently doing her primary education. Her mother can not do business so there is great need for ration and health support for her.

12. KABWE Is a young adult who became blind in his twenties from a severe eye infection. He was an Ananda Foundation beneficiary in 2007-2008. He has completed Braille school and is now attending a computer science course.

13. JOSEPH: He was diagnosed with from T.B. in the bone of his knee. However, his leg remains extremely painful, the state of the matter still stands that the Hospital [Italian] maintains he cannot be operated on until when it gets really bad so he is currently on strong pain killers and in crutches, regular checkups continue with the experts on monthly basis. His children are back in school but will need more focused support for the coming year. Joseph can work but not to the level of holding his family together. it would be great if the children can be considered on the budget line like any other child . Joseph needs support for his medical issues and to send his children to the school.

14. ALICE Is a young woman living with HIV. She is currently taking anti-retro viral therapy. She had a baby in 2007. Sadly her baby passed away in October 2008 from severe diarrhea. Alice was abused by her father and she lives alone. Sometimes her younger girl cousin comes and stays with her to keep her company. She is having economic hardship and difficulty managing her small business of selling coals which women use for cooking. She is also believed to have some mental illness. She is struggling to cope with her daily life.

Project Specifics:

  • NGO Partner: Ubuntu
  • Project Type: Education / Health / Development
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