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Project Components: Sample Budget & Measures

Below is a an example of a table for the program Paradiso Home Based Care in Malawi, a project funded by Ananda Foundation through the nonprofit The Pendulum Project. It provides a snapshot of the program and includes activities, budget, and sample indicators that will be used for evaluation.

Yearly Program




Outreach and Home Based Care for PLWHA, chronically sick and vulnerable children












Access to primary care/HIV/AIDS testing and treatment providers







Training of homed care volunteers







Purchase of 4 home based care kits at $200/ per kit for use by home based care volunteers












Bus fare for Paradiso workers to take clients to health care providers






Stipend for Paradiso two staff members to train and supervise 16 homes based care volunteers.


Purchase of two bicycles for staff

Improve health of chronically sick and PLWHA


Increase health of 15 children less than 13 years who are HIV +









Increase number of individuals who go for VCT, ARV treatment and primary care






Increase skills and knowledge of HBC volunteers and community members



Number of sick who are visited by PHBC volunteers


Number of people who get tested and treated (referred/ taken by PHBC)

Number of volunteers who receive training

Number of children who are chronically sick

Number of children who are malnourished




Level of knowledge- (testing/assessment after training)

Number of people who get VCT

Number of people on ARVs

Number of annual health care visits by PHBC clients and staff


Number of HBC PHBC volunteers trained

Level of knowledge by PHBC staff after attending training

Number of different sites where workshops held in catchment area

Number of people who attend workshops






























Counseling/support group for PLWHA















Establishment of one weekly peer support /counseling group for 32 weeks for 21 PLWHA at Paradiso community center: two trained counselors


Nutritional meal prepared and demonstrated in support group class provided for 21 group members for 32 weeks (includes purchase of food and cooking supplies: charcoal and wood)




Increase emotional health and physical wellbeing of 21 PLWHA


Increase health and wellbeing of clients in support group

Number of clients (out of 21) reporting better mental health (will be given mental health assessment each month to check for change)






Number of clients reporting better physical health, weight gain


Number of clients on ARVs who have positive change in CD4 count

















Community outreach workshops on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, child care practices and human rights issues






24 Workshops conducted over 52 weeks in district catchment area of Ngwenya; Stipend for 42 Paradiso community health workers and 4 volunteers who are PLWHA and two older youths

Increase knowledge about HIV/AIDS


Goal is to reach a total of 480 people in the community with workshops and increase theirknowledge.


Goal is to get 50% of these 480 to go for VCT











One day a week Drop in day care for orphans and vulnerable children (ages 2-6 years) at Paradiso community center in Ngwenya












Stipend for one teacher









Provision of one meal for 70 orphans and vulnerable children

Increase care and educational support/learning activities for these 70 children





Increase health and wellbeing of these children

Number of children who are reading and writing at age appropriate level (progress reports based upon observations and quizzes of children by teacher)


Percentage of children with weight gain of

(Community nurse from SOS village will weigh children every three months- establish a baseline)















Monitoring and Evaluation Pendulum Project






Reporting by project coordinator in Malawi with Executive Director

Project and fiscal management of project for Pendulum Project, Paradiso and Anada Foundation (costs of reporting: email, phone, travel to Paradiso)

Monthly reports from Paradiso given to Pendulum Malawi coordinator. Quarterly narrative reports given to Pendulum Project and then submitted to Ananda Foundation on progress of Paradiso Project








Project Total

















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