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Resources--Articles & Books

We have found the following books and articles helpful. Some are technical, others are inspirational. Included are articles which consider the practical, hands-on side of grantmaking based on our experience. We hope you enjoy these articles and find them useful.

International Grantmaking Resource Packet. Source: Grantmakers without Borders

International Grantmaking. Source: Grant Craft

Articles of Interest to Grantees (section under development)

These are articles written by our India country director that may be of interest to grantees and NGOs applying for grants.

Article 1: Government-NGO partnerships

Article 2: NGO-for profit partnerships

Article 3: What makes a good proposal


  • Creating a World Without Poverty. Author: Mohammad Yunus
  • How to Change the World. Social Entrepreneurs & The Power of New Ideas. David Bornstein
  • The Price of a Dream. David Bornstein
  • Giving. Bill Clinton
  • Mountains Beyond Mountains. Tracy Kidder
  • Pathologies of Power. Dr. Paul Farmer
  • 3 Cups of Tea. Greg Mortenson
  • Grassroots Philanthropy: Field Notes of a Maverick Grantmaker. Bill Somerville
  • From Grantmaker to Leader: Emerging Strategies for 21st Century Foundations. Frank L. Ellsworth & Joe Lumarda
  • Leaving Microsoft to Change the World. John Wood
  • Women, Poverty and AIDS. Dr. Paul Farmer
  • Philanthrocapitalism. Mathew Bishop & David Green
  • The Blue Sweater. Jacqueline Novogratz


Tactical Philanthropy

Wise Philanthropy










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