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How You Can Help

Club Ananda

If you are a student or teacher and are interested in helping spread awareness about global poverty you may consider forming a branch of CLUB ANANDA. Club Ananda is a student led club that reflects the mission of Ananda Foundation.

Past Club Ananda events have included creating school packs and health packs with dental & soap kits. These packs are distributed to Ananda Foundation projects and impoverished communities. Other projects have included writing letters to children in other countries, fundraising bake sales, inviting guest speakers and field practitioners . For other ideas for projects on how to facilitate awareness about poverty in your classroom, email us!

Invite Ananda Foundation to your campus or organization

Our hope is to be a catalyst for change and in doing so we are willing to share our experiences; the practical, the lessons we’ve learned, the mistakes we’ve made and the inspirational stories of the people and NGOs we help. If you would like us to come and speak to your school or community group, let us know.

Speaker Series

If you work for an international NGO or a nonprofit in a specific issue area and would like to be on a panel or give a presentation to the general public, please contact us. We are looking for individuals who can share about the following issues: child survival, grassroots philanthropy, community development, women’s empowerment, gender inequality, rights based approaches, international grant making, and capacity building of NGOs.

Blog Authors

We want to bring field-based experience to the common citizen and are looking for authors, (practitioners, ever day people, and volunteers). In doing so, we wish to facilitate a dialogue through our blog. You do not have to be an expert, only passionate about a cause The intended audience is broad. Topics include: Issues related to global disparities, strategies for how to reduce global disparities, micro-philanthropy, the importance of early childhood care & education, importance of education of girl children, why communicable disease are a threat to global communities, and current approaches to reducing infectious and communicable diseases. Additional topics include: examples of rights-based approaches to grassroots development and community driven projects. How individuals can contribute and be agents of change in the world. Please contact us if you are interested in sharing your experience.

Technical Expertise / Consultants

To increase and expand the capacity of grassroots NGOs, we are dedicating a part of our website as a forum for NGOs to seek out expertise in development strategies and best practices. Consultants can register with Ananda Foundation if interested in participating. Consultants provide their services pro-bono. Please keep in mind that the needs are great for grassroots organizations. We recommend that advice be kept practical and experienced-based. If you would like to consult in the following areas: please contact us.

    • Proposal & Grant Writing
    • Fundraising & Event Planning
    • Identifying Funders
    • Setting up a free website for NGOs
    • Legal counsel for setting up a nonprofit
    • Identifying project indicators
    • Problem solving & analysis
    • Community Development Strategies (strategies to facilitate community involvement)
    • Monitoring & Evaluation of NGOs
    • Impact Assessment
    • Best practices for facilitating girls education
    • Best practices for agricultural sustainability / land rights
    • Best practices for water (access to & clean water)
    • Best practices for support and care of HIV affected families
    • Best practices for caretakers of HIV+ individuals
    • Best practices for programs for child laborers











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