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How You Can Help









There are several ways you can help support the work of Ananda Foundation. Donations can be made through financial gifts and in-kind donations. We realize that we are only a drop in the bucket towards helping end global poverty. We can't do it alone and we thank you for your consideration in helping us. Please send your tax-deductible gift to the following addresses:

Ananda Foundation / MCP # 7541

c/o Waterstone Support Foundation
2925 Professional Place, Suite 201
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, 80904-8105

1. Donate by Check: Make all checks payable to WaterStone Support Foundation. NOTE: Please include our charity number (#7541) on your check.

2. Donate by Credit Card: To make a credit card donation please contact the Waterstone Support Foundation by phone. Please ask about monthly giving plans. Phone #: (719) 447-4625

3. Donate Stock: To give the gift of stocks, please contact Waterstone Support Foundation at the number listed above.

4. Donate In Kind Items : Gifts of the following items are greatly appreciated. They will be distributed among communities that Ananda Foundation supports. Items can new or used, we'll gladly accept both. Items can be mailed to the following address: 

Ananda Foundation
1770 Mass Ave. #140
Cambridge, MA 02140

    • Crayons, Pencils, Pens, Coloring Books, Books, Art Supplies
    • Educational materials / teaching aids / posters (for classrooms)
    • Mathematics Flashcards
    • Infant and toddler clothes
    • Toothbrush (new)
    • Soap (new)
    • Shoes (Children’s)
    • Prescription Eyeglasses
    • Backpacks
    • Toys
5. Support Ananda Foundation’s Educational Fund : Ananda Foundation sponsors individual children by helping to cover the costs of basic living expenses (medicine, food, and education) of children of families affected by HIV. We also help children from families who can’t afford the costs of school fees, uniforms, and books. Typically, it costs between 250-300 / annually per child to meet these costs. You can help us reach more children and provide an opportunity for them to help themselves and their families out of poverty by gaining an education.



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