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Adeline's Gift Scholarship

To qualify for an Adeline's Gift Scholarship

  • A student must demonstrate financial need
  • There must be no other financial subsidy available
  • An letter of acceptance from the academic institution/program must be submitted
  • An application must be filed with Ananda Foundation
  • The academic institution must be in the country where the applicant resides
  • Records, report cards, and/or transcripts need to be sent to Ananda Foundation
  • Students must write an essay about why they want to attend a college/university/skills training program and include their intentions for their future
  • There needs to be a local advisor who will support a student's commitment to education

Additional Information:

  • Applications for Scholarships should be submitted to Ananda Foundation 4-6 months in advance of entry into the program.
  • A budget of costs involved in the academic program must be included
  • A timeline for a program of study should be included
  • Notification will be given two months after receipt of application
  • Scholarship grants range from: $100-1500 USD & are dependent on program of study
  • If a student is selected for a scholarship, they will have to sign a contract affirming their commitment to educational studies.
  • Funding will be sent directly to educational institution
  • Applicants must demonstrate a plan for how they will 1) help other students in their community or 2) how they will intend to give back to their community with the knowledge gained in their academic pursuits.

Contact Information for Applications:

Adeline's Gift Scholarship
c/o Ananda Foundation
1770 Mass Avenue #140
Cambridge, MA USA 02140


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