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Community Based

To qualify for a grant from the Ananda Foundation the following criteria must be met:

  1. There must be a need for a project. This need must be demonstrated.
  2. The project must focus on meeting the basic needs of the poor*.
  3. The sponsoring agency must be a registered 501-3C or international equivalent organization with nonprofit status.
  4. International nonprofits/NGOs must show proof of FCRA certificate required to receive foreign funds.
  5. The aim of the project must be consistent with the mission of the Ananda Foundation.
  6. At minimum, the following organizational infrastructure must exist:
    • a bank account
    • personnel responsible for accounting
    • monthly project reports
    • indicators and evaluative systems to measure progress of project
  7. A project should be consistent with planning for long term sustainable interventions.
  8. A project should focus on empowering the local community to take charge of their own lives with tools for development at a grassroots level.

*Ananda Foundation defines this population as any person living in poverty who cannot afford to provide for basic needs of themselves and their families


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