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Are you a registered charity?
The Ananda Foundation is a nonprofit fund (#10743) of WaterStone Support Foundation, a 501-(c3) public foundation. Tax ID # 84130063.

What does Ananda mean?
Ananda means happiness or bliss in Sanskrit.

What does your logo (the lotus flower) represent?
Our logo has a unique importance in our work and holds a very special meaning for the people we strive to help.

When was the Ananda Foundation founded?
Ananda Foundation was founded in 1993.

How do I make a donation?
You can make a tax free donation by credit card, check, or gift of stock. Please make checks payable to Waterstone Support Foundation. In the subject line please write Ananda Foundation's nonprofit fund number (#10743). For credit card giving please call Waterstone Support Foundation @ (719) 447-4625.

Do you accept credit card donations?
Yes. Please contact WaterStone Support Foundation at: 1-719-447-4625 to process your credit card donation. Thank you for your generosity.

Can individuals apply for grants?
We do not provide grants directly to individuals. Ananda Foundation's projects are community based. We support educational scholarships that are administered through recognized NGOs and U.S. 501-3c nonprofits. Documentation is required of all applicants. Please refer to our section on grants for eligibility.

Where can I find your grant guidelines?
Grant guidelines are available to download in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. Please see our grants section to download the guidelines.

How can I help support the projects of Ananda?
There are many ways to support the work of Ananda. You can volunteer to make school supplies gift packts; support individual children who are being sposored, donate to Ananda partner organizations, write letters of support to the grassroots organizations, host an Ananda speaker event. You can also tell your friends and family about us. Please refer to our help section.

How can I volunteer?
We are building our network of volunteers for local community service events. If you would like to become a committed volunteer, please see our volunteer section and complete the registration form. We'll add you to our volunteer database and when we have an opportunity we will let you know! Thank you for your interest.

What are the obligations of new grantees?
Recipients of Ananda Foundation grants are required to submit a semi-annual report and an annual report on the status of their programs. These reports should include photos from the field, case studies of beneficiaries, expenditure reports with detailed accounting of how grant monies were spent, impact assessment, assessment of goals and objectives provided in proposal, lessons learned, future plans for sustainability and fostering of community involvement. For more information see our grant guidelines.

How do you select your projects?
The mission of Ananda Foundation includes providing assistance to grassroots NGOs working with the poor. Most of our projects are hand selected either through site visits or through referrals. In order to qualify for a grant, a NGO must meet grant criteria and be in good standing. We take pride in the fact that we know the organizations with whom we work, we know the faces of the beneficiaries whom we support, and we feel confident in our collaborators. In some cases, we are the first organization to provide international foreign assistance to grassroots NGOs.

How do I receive project updates and news from Ananda Foundation?
Keep coming back and visiting our website! We appreciate and value your interest.

How do I contact the Ananda Foundation?
The best way to contact us is via email.














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